Increased exposure, captured attention, connection with your market, an engaged audience, converted leads, ROI. That’s what we’re all about at Cognition Productions! As experienced corporate storytellers, we’ll help you meet business objectives and grow your bottom line by grabbing your audience’s attention.

Are you looking to craft your brand’s story in a way that stirs emotion and creates a desire for a relationship with you through unforgettable, high-impact videos and presentations? That’s not an easy task – given the average person’s attention span has now dropped below that of a goldfish to less than 8 seconds. Our professional team will produce content that helps you achieve your business goals and generates a return on investment in the form of more exposure, more engagement, more leads and, most importantly, more sales.

“…Unforgettable stories”


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“I’ve been working with Warren Leppik now for pretty close to 20 years now and the big advantage for me is that Warren knows my working style. He knows the impossible deadlines that I put him through almost every single project. He understands our company very, very well. It’s comfortable to work with him. And particularly knowing that we’re going to end up with a very high quality video at the end of the day, despite not always having the luxury of time.“

Dawneen MacKenzie, Livingston International