Today is the Santa Claus Parade in Toronto, Ontario. There’s no better time to remind everyone of our thoughtful and unique way to give thanks and express our gratitude to family, friends and customers who made our progress possible. A great way to say Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays, while showing your appreciation

While getting a card to everyone you know would be ideal, depending on the number of people in your network, with a quality, personalized card costing $3.00+ and a Canadian stamp costing $0.85, sending Christmas cards to every one of your connections could be an expensive, not to mention daunting, task.  We’ve come up with a social media solution to compliment the authenticity of a card. And, if you’ve run out of time for cards, our solutions could still put a smile on the faces of your network while being environmentally friendly.

Back by popular demand: Video Greetings. short, animated, entertaining and just begging to be shared. As the holiday season draws near, this is an ideal way to send a greeting that everyone is sure to enjoy, wherever they are. They can be posted and shared on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook with ease.

The process is simple, you provide your logo, we replace the Cognition Productions logo with yours and send it back to you as an MP4 file to share with your network. You also have the choice of “Season’s Greetings” or “Merry Christmas” or even custom text if you prefer. Just $499 + HST. And for Chamber of Commerce members, and my Connections on LinkedIN, if you order by December 1, we’re offering a 40% discount: just $299!

Order yours today!

We’ve added four new options this year for a total of 12 different versions:

Tree of Ornaments


Christmas 2018


Christmas Snow Globe 2018


Christmas Tree Swirl


Christmas Snowman


Christmas Living Room


Christmas Lines


Christmas Celebration


Christmas Balls


Christmas Card Greeting


Christmas Pop Up Book


Christmas Globe