Cause Marketing Program

This is an opportunity for companies looking to support their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.
We’ve noticed more and more articles about companies that TALK about CSR but have little to SHOW for what they are actually doing for it.
This program allows companies to gift an impact story video to a registered charity of their choice at a special rate.  In return, the credit is shared by the sponsoring company and Cognition Productions.  It’s a WIN/WIN/WIN:
  • The charity gets an impact story for use on their website and social media to boost volunteerism and donations for YEARS to come.
  • The sponsor gets emotional, feel-good content for use in their social media and content marketing programs, proof that they WALK THE CSR TALK, while further boosting awareness and support of the charity. They also boost their recruitment efforts and ability to attract top talent with 93% of GenZ saying that a company’s societal impact affects their decision of where to work.
  • Cognition gets to use the video to prove the Power of Story, while boosting awareness and support of the charity even more.
Book an introductory call to discuss how you can prove that, when it comes to CSR, you're taking action.
Example: HPIC Overview
Example: Willow Foundation
Example: Halton Learning Foundation
Example: Random Act of Kindness Day, Oakville Community Foundation

Getting your audience to AHA! 

Revealing and capturing
the stories that
become a catalyst
to growth
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