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Generate leads and build trust with the “customer experience” you provide

In a 2018 survey on by Oracle, only 32% of respondents feel they have access to the information they need to understand customers’ needs and previous interactions and can apply it to improve their experience. 41% of CS leaders don’t feel confident that they have the information necessary to truly comprehend their consumers. So it should come as no surprise that the marketing of some many companies isn’t working.

My most recent read was Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less, by Joe Pulizzi. He believes that companies tend to get information about buyers from their own sales people, product experts or conducting online research. But these sources don’t have the information that Marketers really need. The only way to get clear unexpected insights about how your buyers make decisions, is to have a conversation with them.

I agree with Joe, but we ratchet the technique up a notch. We professionally shoot our interviews to capture the raw and authentic stories from customers so that we can generate leads and build trust with their comments online afterwards. When it comes to engaging prospects looking for a similar experience, it’s the best content for content marketing there is! But while I believe he is right, I have one caveat: it should be a third party who has the conversation, not you. Why? Think about it, Video camera or not, how comfortable would you be, sitting across from a supplier asking you “OK Bob, why do you think we’re great?” Ah, awkward! Have a third party do the interviews.

We call our methodology a Value Proposition Diagnostic™. Its purpose is to make sure that what you’re selling is aligned with what customers are actually buying. And whether you are in alignment or not, the process results in authentic customer testimonial content to:

  • Train your salesforce, new and old, on current client hot buttons, enabling them to better speak your customers language and close more sales

  • Feed you content marketing calendar with testimonials of client experience that will cause more prospects to engage

Seems so simple. Why would you market a service if you hadn’t checked to see if you got it right? You need to talk to your customers. But the majority of companies don’t. According to Harry Beckwith, author of Selling the Invisible, when asked why they haven’t asked, most say “I’m afraid to hear what they think”. It boggles the mind.

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