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Nail your video marketing strategy with the power of the right story

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

While many businesses are crushing it with a well-executed video marketing strategy, many are looking for ways to take their strategy to the next level. If you’re already doing video marketing, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re one step ahead of your competitors who aren’t!

Stories versus facts and figures If your video results aren’t what you’d hoped for and you’re wondering what to do next, take a closer look at the stories your videos are sharing, if at all. Too many companies still make the mistake of sharing facts and figures. “We’ve been in business 20 years, we have 200 staff, we have 20 offices…. “ Why does anyone think that sharing this data would compel anyone to do anything? It’s like the early days of web when people created an HTML version of their print brochures and called it done. Until you create engagement, NOBODY CARES!!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a “how-to” video, a case study, an overview or a testimonial, there has to be a clear story. Because, scientifically, stories are brain food and the format our brains best process and store information. And a great story told well is the best way to engage someone. The next time you’re having dinner with friends, test it for yourself. Say the following out loud: “That reminds me of a story…” and watch your friends literally lean in to listen. But the brain can also spot a fake. Its amazing how many companies make things up (inauthentic) or attempt to be mind readers rather than revealing real, authentic, attention-grabbing stories that all companies have hidden in their history, just waiting to be harvested.

Validate the story you’re telling Seems to be a no-brainer – but is the story you’re telling the one that keeps your best customers buying? The challenge is that what you offer is composed of multiple, overlapping stories. In our experience, in an effort to make sure nothing is missed, the key differentiating story exists but is awash in a sea of unnecessary facts or supporting stories that cloud the offering in the mind of the prospect. And that is the biggest challenge – the ability to FIND the RIGHT story. We recently spoke to Paul Windsor of Klenzoid who, quite nicely, summed up how we did just that:

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