No matter the size of the company, the following statements hold true: (1) The best way to grab someone’s attention is with a great story. (2) Every company has great stories to tell about why people like them. (3) Nine times out of ten, people buy from people they like. As the only medium capable of communicating emotion, video allows you to leverage the enthusiasm of your clients and staff. Video will introduce your company in a compelling and entertaining way through success stories shared by those who know you best – your customers.

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Video collages go beyond standard B-Roll, adding an additional, broadcast level dynamic to help hold fleeting attention spans and make you message more memorable. If you have quality photography, video collage can repurpose those existing assets, increasing the ROI on a previous investment. The end result is a message with high impact that creates engagement without the cost of a shoot day.
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Hiring a professional video editor is key to ensuring a top-quality video and critical to making the best first impression for your brand. A great editor ensures your story gets told in a way that keeps your audience watching while meeting business objectives. Our company works with a variety of industries in Mississauga, Oakville to provide top video production services.



We begin our process of telling your company story with research about you and your competition. It boils down to knowing the right questions to ask. Digging deeper than the veneer of existing marketing messages, we peel back the layers to get to “the nut”, the true differentiator of your company in comparison to your competition. Next we help you decide how to shoot the video, based on the environments we’ll be shooting in and how you want your brand to be perceived.


“…High quality video”

“I’ve been working with Warren Leppik for pretty close to 20 years now and the big advantage for me is that Warren knows my working style. He knows the impossible deadlines that I put him through almost every single project. He understands our company very, very well. It’s comfortable to work with him. And particularly knowing that we’re going to end up with a very high quality video at the end of the day, despite not always having the luxury of time.“

Dawneen MacKenzie
(Livingston International)