Video marketing is what gets your video seen by your target audience, generating more leads and a broader brand presence. Our professional video marketing team knows how to manoeuvre the various video marketing vehicles available to you online including YouTube, Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, just to name a few. In an online world heavily populated with content, good video helps you stand out from the crowd. But there is now so much video uploaded every day, proper video marketing is critical to get qualified eyes landing on your video.

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Ideal Supply

Electrical Supplies / Auto Parts

Created to showcase Ideal Supply at the Rockwell Automation Fair in Houston, Texas, this video was intended to put Ideal Supply on a par with or ahead of the other seven distributors also showcasing their products. Jim Bender, Ideal Supply’s Automation Group Supervisor, comments: “Thanks for providing a great product and managing our challenging time frame.”
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Future Vault

Digital Security / Technology / SAAS

Knowing the power of video has to create engagement, we were invited to cover the kickoff promotional event and create a personal video invitation from the company President. More than just stills, video was not only able to show what attendees could expect from a venue, presentation and networking standpoint for people associated with FINTECH.
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It’s estimated that video will soon be responsible for 74% of all Internet traffic. With video being rated as one of the most effective parts of a marketing strategy, you can take full advantage of its power by getting your videos seen by your audience before your competitors do. Online advertising is affordable, it’s highly customizable, it’s trackable, and it gets your video seen by the people you intended to see it. Businesses in Mississauga and Oakville choose our video production company for quality services.



A video done can capture your prospective customers’ attention by showcasing your product and services in ways that pictures and text can’t. It can demonstrate your expertise through thought leadership video. It can create the desire for a relationship with your company through customer testimonials. Or you can promote and showcase your events. However, no matter how good a video is, it’s worthless without viewers. Now that you’ve invested the time, money and resources into making a great video, use online advertising to target your customers.


“…High quality video”

“I’ve been working with Warren Leppik for pretty close to 20 years now and the big advantage for me is that Warren knows my working style. He knows the impossible deadlines that I put him through almost every single project. He understands our company very, very well. It’s comfortable to work with him. And particularly knowing that we’re going to end up with a very high quality video at the end of the day, despite not always having the luxury of time.“

Dawneen MacKenzie
(Livingston International)