Given the preparation and expense that go into the average, not capturing that event as fuel for your content marketing campaign is a real missed opportunity. Capturing what happened is a source of content for your content marketing calendar for months, perhaps a year after the event ends.

A well-planned event is generally packed with valuable information. So much so, that it can be hard to capture all that is shared. By capturing the full presentation, you give attendees a real value-add. Instead of handing out flat PowerPoint presentations or documents, attendees will love being able to re-watch the various speakers and get any information they may have missed.

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Anthony Robbins Foundation

Celebrity / Charities / Fundraiser

After seeing our video, organizer Joanne Chrobot writes: “Thank you so much! It made me cry right at the seven-second mark, and I cried through the whole thing! It’s perfect! Every part of it was perfect! You did an awesome job. You captured it so perfectly, every moment was captured so professionally, and just what we need to grow this to be even bigger year after year!”
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Starlight: Drive4Smiles

Car & Auto / Sports / Children / Charity

Event coverage was designed so that those who could not make it would be sure not to miss volunteering next year. The communications manager writes: “Thank you again. You really helped to capture the essence of the day. Your amazing effort will really help us SHOW people the impact we have on the lives of the sick kids and families we serve – it means so much.”
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