You have 7 seconds to grab a website visitor’s attention before they move to your competitor. Website videos are more important than ever as they extend and enrich the level of engagement of your prospective clients. The online market is noisy, crowded, and full of content pulling audiences in all directions at any given time. Stand apart from your competition by connecting with your target audience online. Capture your target audience’s attention! Our professionals understand the changing trends and can apply tactics to entice conversions.

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Klenzoid Canada Inc.

Industrial / Water Treatment

With competitors like GE, Magnus and Nalco, Klenzoid was struggling with how to tell their story. CEO Paul Winsor writes, “You took an anvil off my back. We’d been trying to get anything that worked in marketing. You changed the paradigm. In terms of differentiation, we’ve been trying to say this for 30 years, and you got us to say it right!“
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Ideal Supply

Electrical Supplies / Auto Parts

Stiff competition from U.S. competitors who had a poorer service offering but flashier, video-based marketing, demanded that Ideal Supply raise its voice. Ideal wants manufacturers to be convinced that “You can’t buy them elsewhere like we sell them to you”. We helped find, refine and focus this story.
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Video represents two-thirds of all web traffic because people prefer to watch, not read. As consumers flock to mobile devices, video has become even easier to consume on the go from anywhere in the world. Website visitors spend an average of 88% more time on sites that include videos. Professional videos engage viewers and, with a proper call to action embedded in them, can ensure your company is top of mind and move your consumers further through the sales funnel. Based on research from Wistia, pages with longer dwell times also tend to get the best traffic from search engines.



Adding video to a landing page increases average page conversion rates and results in higher brand recall, ensuring that your company is top of mind with consumers. Unlike readers of text blogs or articles, 80% of video viewers can remember what they watched a month earlier. Professional video on your business’s landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on the first page of Google because of its ability to improve a key SEO metric: time on-site. Time on-site is the average time a visitor spends on a web page and, with video, our team of professional video producers and editors will help you gain this SEO benefit.


“…High quality video”

“I’ve been working with Warren Leppik for pretty close to 20 years now and the big advantage for me is that Warren knows my working style. He knows the impossible deadlines that I put him through almost every single project. He understands our company very, very well. It’s comfortable to work with him. And particularly knowing that we’re going to end up with a very high quality video at the end of the day, despite not always having the luxury of time.“

Dawneen MacKenzie
(Livingston International)