Story by Subscription

There is a growing trend towards services rendered for a monthly fee. It allows you to immediately benefit from the growth power of professionally produced stories on video while amortizing the cost over time. Simply, professionally, authentically and at cost that allows for ongoing capture and sharing of knowledge or client satisfaction as fuel for growth.  
  • Your customers love you.  Are you leveraging that to close more sales more quickly? 
  • Testimonial video is the opportunity to share customer stories of the exceptional customer experience you provide. 
  • We capture 12 client testimonial clips, in a half day shoot, getting 6 comments from each of 2 clients. Stories of the exceptional client experience you provide, creating 2 videos per month.
  • For use in the later part of the sales cycle on LinkedIn pages, web site, YouTube channel, email communication and presentations to establish trust, close more sales and drive growth for the next 12 months.
  • In an ever more distracted world, the previously estimated 7 to 24 touch points required for a prospect to engage now may fall short.  
  • Thought Leadership video is the best opportunity to share your knowledge with prospects over time, demonstrating both your passion & efficacy to gain credibility & respect, eventually compelling prospects to want to become customers.
  • With 2 hours of camera time, we capture up to 12 actionable insights, creating up to 2 videos per month,  to establish you as a thought leader.
  • Videos are used for lead generation on LinkedIn and other social media to drive growth by attracting prospects for the next 6 months.
Book an introductory call for full details, to discuss your content marketing needs and how these packages can make driving growth easy.

Getting your audience to AHA! 

Revealing and capturing
the stories that
become a catalyst
to growth
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