Thought Leadership

In an ever more distracted world, the previously estimated 7 to 24 touch points required for a prospect to engage may now fall short. Thought Leadership video is the best opportunity to share your knowledge with prospects over time, demonstrating both your passion & efficacy to gain credibility & respect, eventually compelling prospects to want to become customers. In a half day shoot including 2 hours of camera time, we capture up to 12 actionable insights, to establish you as a thought leader. Videos can be used for lead generation on LinkedIn and other social media to drive growth by attracting prospects for the next 6 months.
Click here to book an introductory call about how we can fill your content marketing calendar with engaging, personal content that establishes you as a thought leader, resulting in a full sales funnel.

Getting your audience to AHA! 

Revealing and capturing
the stories that
become a catalyst
to growth
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