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Video Production

Video is a game changer. Every marketplace is noisy, crowded, and full of content pulling audiences in all directions. With the average human attention span now reduced to below that of a goldfish at eight seconds, video production is the best tactic to address the poverty of attention the world is suffering from in a way that grows your bottom line.

Post Production

Editing is far more than just piecing the footage together. It’s music, its graphics, its animation. With all the intricate details involved in weaving a compelling story together, a professional post production service is essential to providing your company with a finished product that produces the business result it was intended to.

Marketing & Advertising Online

Video advertising and online marketing is what gets your video seen by your target audience, generating more leads and a broader brand presence. Our professional video advertising team knows how to manoeuvre the various video advertising vehicles available to you online including YouTube, Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, just to name a few.



What is your story and how are you sharing it with your clients? The RIGHT story is a powerful tool used to increase perceived brand value and drive valuable results that add to your bottom line. Like you, the businesses we work with have a story but don’t have the tools to tell it in a way that drives value to their company. We weave the stories and emotions from your raving fans in a way that describes the problem-pain and valued solution. We find THE stories that make selling effortless!


B2B organizations use video in some capacity in their online / offline marketing campaigns of which 73% report success

1.8 million


That’s the value of a one minute of video. That’s worth more than 3,500 pages of content. Corporate videos are highly effective and contribute to 200-300% increases in click-through rates on emails. Moreover, videos are proven to contribute in the decision making process. Improve your marketing and sales process with our high quality video design services.


Videos that


Going beyond simply cutting clips together, based on our proprietary brainstorming process, we strategically blend images and sounds in ways that create emotional responses, making your video truly engaging, moving your audience to take the action you want. With a proper call to action embedded in them, they move your clients further through the sales funnel. The fact is that most research is done from a smart phone with a small screen, and video is just easier to use. Studies show that you can absorb more information in a shorter period of time from video than any other medium, making video the best and most effective way to get information across and move prospects to take action.



Video is one of the initial things your prospects will interact with, so we never sacrifice quality because it’s critical to making the all-important great first impression. The flood of DIY (do-it-yourself) video posted to YouTube every day is doing more harm than good and provides a real opportunity for other brands to stand out by taking a quality approach. After all, TV is the standard by which your video will be judged. And when it comes to your brand, quality counts. Whether it’s a tight deadline or a tight budget, it’s easy to see how companies could be tempted to sacrifice quality when it comes to video production. We’ve developed a full range of video options to meet almost any budget or time line while still maintaining a level of quality that elevates your brand rather than damaging it.